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Since it’s formation in 1995, Milo Hedge has specialised in solving complex and highly technical problems. We maintain close links with Oxford University, and most of our consultants have a postgraduate research background at the University. All have extensive experience in the physical sciences and engineering, as well as a high level of computing knowledge across a full range of systems. This combination of skills has enabled Milo Hedge to solve many problems that are beyond the grasp of most computer companies. These skills are now in great demand on the Internet as the expectations of online users have increased.

Complementing the technical side, Milo Hedge has graphic design skills to ensure your online presence is well presented. We also have qualified instructors to demonstrate to your staff how to obtain the best from the systems we put in place.

The Internet evolved because of the need for academics to communicate simply and effectively, but advances in technology such as the World Wide Web have made the Internet just as attractive for business use. Our experience in both academic and commercial disciplines makes us uniquely placed to help you develop your business in the most effective way in this new environment.

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