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Milo Hedge offers a wide range of consultancy services to ensure you can exploit this new technology to the full. From simple web sites to fully integrated systems, Milo Hedge has the necessary skills and experience to determine the best strategy for your Internet presence.

If you are completely new to the Internet, we can review your current systems and network infrastructure and advise you on the best strategy for getting online. If you decide to set up a web site we can help you with the design and content. If you want more than just an electronic company brochure, you will need an interactive site and possibly links between the Internet and your current systems. In some circumstances this may require just a few modifications to the software you already have, in others, we can write additional software to help your systems communicate. As a leading edge solution provider, we will use the most up to date tools to address your needs in an intelligent and innovative way.

Most companies are concerned about security when connected to the Internet. Security is an important issue and one that all companies must address. Our experts at Milo Hedge have had extensive experience of providing secure systems for the most demanding users.

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