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why the internet?

Believe the hype. The question is not if you should be on the Internet, but how. No longer the anarchic playground of computer hacks, the Internet has become an essential business tool. As a first point of contact, a place for exchanging information, and a market for buying products - for hundreds of millions of people, using the Internet is becoming as natural as picking up the telephone.

Although the Internet is still evolving rapidly, most of the technologies needed for business use are now well established. Implemented correctly, Internet technology can be fast, reliable, and secure, both inside your organisation, and when communicating with the outside world.

Within your organization, you can make company systems and information available online in a controlled but easily accessible fashion.

Whatever your business, you cannot ignore the online revolution. The Internet is here today. Make sure you take advantage of it.

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  Document last updated: 14 Jan 2015 18:11