MathLive Datasheet

Using MathLive with MathLink

MathLive has been developed to handle the MathLink communications standard for direct communication to Mathematica. By using MathLink, graphics may be sent directly from Mathematica to MathLive. Using the MathLink interface is very simple, since the necessary hooks for MathLink are built into MathLive. The first step is to start MathLive ....

Starting MathLive with MathLink

MathLive may be started automatically from Mathematica. We suggest giving the link a sensible name such as "live". If MathLive is in the same directory or folder as Mathematica, the following line will launch MathLive :

live = LinkOpen["MathLive", LinkMode->Launch]

The next stage is to actually create and then send some data to MathLive. If desired, the display of the plot in Mathematica may be suppressed by using the option DisplayFunction->Identity.

lumpy = Plot3D[Sin[x^2] Sin[y^2], {x,-2,2}, {y,-2,2}

              , DisplayFunction->Identity];

Having created the plot, we just send it over MathLive with a LinkWrite statement, using the name "live" to identify the link:

LinkWrite[live, lumpy];

When the plot has appeared in the MathLive window, the MathLive window will appear in the foreground and the object can be manipulated using the controls in MathLive. The link to Mathematica may be closed at any time by using


MathLive itself will remain open and the standard file interface may be used as before.

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