Evaluation copies of MathLive are available for Macintosh, PowerMacintosh and Windows 3.1x platforms. Each of the files is quite large, around 400K and will typically take of the order of 5 minutes to download using a 14.4K modem.

Please click on the appropriate section to download the evaluation copy suitable for your system.

MathLive Evaluation (Macintosh 68K)

MathLive Evaluation (Macintosh PPC)

MathLive Evaluation (Windows)

Please note that our Windows evaluation although 16 bit, will run under Windows 3.1x, 95 and NT.

MathLive is intended to be used in conjunction with Mathematica from Wolfram Research. However, we have developed a simple proprietary ASCII Mesh format which encapsulates all of the necessary mesh and colour information for a MathLive scene. This format has been used by mathematicians and engineers worldwide as a file transfer mechanism to visualise their data sets in MathLive.

The textures used in MathLive are 128 * 128 pixels in Windows BMP or Sun raster format. Notebooks within the release package illustrate the generation of textures from within Mathematica. Textures of size n * 128 * 128 will generate animations of n frames. Examples of animated textures are distributed with the evaluation copies.

Evaluation restrictions

The evaluation copies of MathLive are restricted in the following ways.

  • Each copy will time-out within 5 minutes.
  • User-defined objects are displayed in black & white and cannot be colored.
  • User-defined objects cannot be textured.
  • The window size is restricted to 240 * 240 pixels.
  • QuickTime movies cannot be generated.
  • Scenes cannot be saved to disk.
Each evaluation copy has a small number of built-in objects which can be colored and textured. MathLink is fully functional with the restriction that colored user-defined objects created in Mathematica are only displayed in black & white. None of the above restrictions apply to the release version.

Notes for PC users

QuickTime support for the PC is not available. Although Apple has provided support to replay QuickTime movies it is not currently possible to generate them under Windows platforms. Consequently, the release version on the PC does not currently support QuickTime.

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