TCP/IP Issues

Mathematica 2.2.x does not support a 32 bit local protocol. Consequently, it is necessary to make use of TCP/IP when connecting MathLive to Mathematica. The following sequence of steps should get you up and running correctly.

  • Start the frontend

  • Select 'Options/Kernels'.

  • Select 'Protocols/Add/Browse/mltcp16.mll' If the list shows that you have the local protocol loaded or even referenced, select 'Remove' and get rid of it. If it is still around when you try to to connect MathLive, MathLive will fail. We suspect that this is because of some esoteric bug within Mathematica.

  • Select 'Specific Kernel/TCPKernel'

  • Select 'Launch & Connect'

  • Type link = LinkOpen[LinkProtocol->"TCP", LinkMode->Listen] in Mathematica This will return a valid link object, ours returns LinkObject[1024@Boris,2,2]

  • Repeat the last step. This will give another link object, ours gives LinkObject[1022@Boris,3,3]. There appears to be a bug under Windows 95 whereby the first time you open a link you get given an invalid link number. You should have received 1023 (1024 being that of the kernel connection). Opening a third link does get you a valid number (usually 1022) which you can use to connect to MathLive. (This problem doesn't arise under Windows NT).

  • Open a DOS shell and, in the mathematica directory start mathlive with the following parameters (Note MathLive on my machine is in c:\ml2.2.

    c:\ml2.2\mathlive -mathlink -linkprotocol tcp -linkname 1022 -linkmode connect

  • If MathLive complains that it cannot find mlink32.dll either copy this file from the Mathematica directory into the MathLive directory or start MathLive from the Mathematica directory. If this has worked, MathLive will have made a connection to the link that Mathematica has established. To test this select 'Help/About' in MathLive. The MathLink Status field should something like 'Listening on 1022@Boris. (Note that 'Boris' is the name of my machine).

  • Create a graphic and try sending it to MathLive

    s = Plot3D[Sin [x y], {x,-2,2}, {y,-2,2}]; LinkWrite [link, s]

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